maandag 24 oktober 2011

Ook in Finland kunnen faschos op grote opkomst rekenen, van ons dan.....

A finnish nazi group called finnish resistance movement which is an offshot to the swedish resistance movement organised an "international" seminar for the members of Casapound Italia and Frei Nationale Strukture from Germany.

They were supposed to meet at a location in Helsinki and later take public transporation to the place of the seminar. As you can see on the pics only couple of people arrived for their meeting and there were actually more journalists then the nazis.

At the same with two days notice we organized an antifa protest which got around 200+ people, which is quite a lot for a demonstration in Finland.

Later on we managed to get the location of both the nazi seminar and the gig which they they attented in the evening.

Some pics(Antifa protest)


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