dinsdag 28 juni 2011


1. UK:

Skinhead Out! (Channel 4, 1992)

Fighting Talk (AFA; BBC2, 1993)

World in Action- Combat 18 (ITV, 1993)

World of Skinhead (C4, 1995)

Truth Behind the Front (BBC, 1997)

The Lost Race - History of the National Front (BBC, 1999)

Young, Nazi and Proud (Channel 4, 2002)

Naziboy (Russel Brand w/ Mark Collelt) (UK Play, 2002)

Undercover With The BNP (BBC, 2003)

BNP Wives (Sky TV, 2009)

Young, Angry and White (Channel 4, 2009)

Jewish ex-servicemen of Group 43 (The Guardian, 2009)

Hidden London: The Real Battle of Cable Street (2010)

Rise of extremism? (Channel 4, 2010)

When Hate Came to Town (Bradford Documentary on the EDL, 2010)

The Battle for Barking (Channel 4, 2010)

From Cable Street to Brick Lane (Trailer, 2011)

2. International:

Skinheads in 1988 (feat. the original S.H.A.R.P.) (NYC news story)

Ku Klux Klan - A Secret History (History Channel, 1998)

Ross Kemp On Gangs: Orange County (Sky 1, 2006)

Ross Kemp On Gangs: Russia (Sky 1, 2007)

ANTIFA - Chasseurs de skins (2008)

Whatever happened to Arno of White Power band Centurion? (American TV, 2000s)

The Hate Destroyer (Berlin, late 2000s)

Louis and the Nazis (BBC, 2003)

Skinheads USA: Soldiers of the Race War (HBO, 2003)

Baldies to ARA (2003)

Antifascist Attitude (Russian Antifa)(2010)

Talk on History of ARA (2010)

Hardcore is More Than Music (Czech AFA, 2011)

Russian Anti-Racist Skinheads ( Film Trailer, 2011)
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