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The "Master" of Finnish Fascism: Jussi Halla-aho

Jussi Halla-aho is probably the most important and influential Nazi politician and "intellectual" active in Finland today. He got elected into the Finnish parliament in April 2011. Halla-aho's party, the True Finns, received a historical victory in these elections, rising from a small marginal party to the third largest party in Finland.

We have to remind all readers that approximately 80% of Finnish voters did not vote for the True Finns, many Finnish people were and still are deeply shocked and angry about the victory of such a small-minded, xenophobic and bigoted party.

Jussi Halla-aho is a member of Suomen Sisu, an organization that can be called "Nazi-minded", though this is an understatement. Suomen Sisu means something like the "Finnish Fighting Spirit" in English. The name aptly underlines both the nationalism and the violence of the Suomen Sisu ideology.

One of the most important ideological leaders of Suomen Sisu is Esa Taberman, who has been advocating a Nazi revolution and the killing of hundreds of thousands of Finns who are opponents of the Nazi ideology. According to Esa Taberman the immigrants and other minority groups will be killed only after the Finnish non-Nazis have been eliminated.

Jussi Halla-aho has a doctorate in linguistics. His speciality is Old Church Slavonic. He chose to avoid military conscription and chose civil service instead, a choice slightly unusual for a fascist, but he has said that he now regrets that he didn't go into the army.

Currently Halla-aho's hobbies include shooting and he has fantazised in his blog about shooting homosexuals in the head. Halla-aho has not yet shot anybody, but in Finland threats made by owners of firearms are usually taken very seriously after several shooting incidents in the past few years.

Halla-aho has explained that he joined the Suomen Sisu approximately ten years ago after talking with them on their web discussion board. It is well known that the Suomen Sisu board at that time was full of violent and fanatical Nazi propaganda, which makes it hard to believe that anybody could actually "convert" to the Nazi ideology after visiting that discussion board. There are stories about Halla-aho already expressing strong Nazi sentiments as a young high school student.

After converting to the Nazi ideology, Halla-aho started a blog called Scripta. His aim was to rebrand racism as something more modern and moderate. He tried to repackage racism as something called "criticism of immigration", but unfortunately hatred of minority groups always shone through the new packaging he had wrapped his Nazi product into.

The most surprising thing about the Scripta blog is how popular it has been. The fanboys of Halla-aho's rebranded Nazi blog formed a discussion forum called Homma (which would be something like "The Job" in English, apparently the name is a Nazi inside joke based on something the previous generation of Nazi leaders had said or done). The Nazi trolls of Homma actually call Halla-aho their "Master" without any sense of irony, highlighting their need to submit to the will of a strong leader.

Homma has become a big joke as well as a major irritation among the Finnish internet users, since the Nazi trolls crowding on Homma are routinely trolling all discussion boards and threatening people they see as their enemies, such as researchers of immigration issues, journalists writing anything even slightly critical about Halla-aho and just random web users who have expressed an opinion the Homma trolls do not like. In Finnish internet jargon the Homma trolls are called the Hompanzees, a combination of the words Homma and Chimpanzee, highlighting their ability to mindlessly ape the rhetoric of their Master. Hompanzees also get whipped up into a great ape-like rage every time somebody says something even slightly negative about their Master!

The experience of becoming a Hompanzee is like a religious transformation to most of the Halla-aho's fanboys. They have to accept everything Halla-aho has said, after which they start to troll every internet discussion board with the same propagandistic arguments every other Hompanzee is using. Halla-aho is the Messiah, Scripta is the Holy Book, Homma is the Church and the Hompanzees are the faithful believers. Like any true cult leader, Halla-aho also has his tin foil hat side, he believes that Europe will actually experience an apocalyptic collapse due to immigration and that a leftist conspiracy is controlling all of Europe. Some of the most intelligent converts of Halla-aho's religion have already denounced their faith, an experience that has to be quite painful, since the remaining cultists are naturally attacking the former believers with great zeal.

What about the ideology of Halla-aho? It has been shown to be quite flimsy. Mostly he seems to have found his ideas from foreign far right propaganda blogs, the feeling is that he actually doesn't read so many real books, even the ones that are written directly as responses to Halla-aho's own arguments. He seems to be intellectually quite lazy although he is a master propagandist. The ideas expressed by Halla-aho include these eternal gems of the human spirit:

  • Halla-aho thinks that people from Somalia are genetically disposed to steal.
  • Halla-aho says that prophet Muhammad is a pedophile.
  • Halla-aho would like to shoot a homosexual in the head.
  • Halla-aho thinks that humans have no value as such beyond their utility to the society.
  • Halla-aho thinks that the police should shoot demonstrators in the head.
  • Halla-aho would like some Finnish female politicians to be raped.
  • Halla-aho has openly admitted that his goal is incitement against immigrants.
  • Halla-aho thinks that the Holocaust has been greatly exaggerated.
  • Halla-aho has said that the Finnish Ombudsman for Minorities is like Nazi psychopath Oskar Dirlewanger.
  • Halla-aho thinks that the Treaty of Versailles was a legitimate reason for Nazi Germany to start the Second World War.
  • Halla-aho thinks that the Nuremberg war crimes trial was a farce.
  • Halla-aho says that he is ready to commit any atrocity for the sake of his children.
  • Halla-aho believes that an apocalyptic collapse is coming due to immigration.
  • Halla-aho thinks that a leftist conspiracy is controlling Finland.
  • Halla-aho believes that immigrants are more likely to commit crimes than the original Finns.
  • Halla-aho has the idea that the minorities are actually oppressing the majority.
  • Halla-aho has called the people from Somalia "human scum from the Horn of Africa".
  • Halla-aho has said that the leader of his party is a "hyysääjäneekerinkullinlutkuttaja". This is something like "an immigrant lover who is always sucking a black dick" in English.
  • Halla-aho has also expressed many pro-gun opinions seemingly directly copied from the National Rifle Association of the USA.
  • Halla-aho has expressed his complete ignorance of the concept of Mutually Assured Destruction by claiming the nuclear weapons on the Western side of the Cold War were purely defensive.
  • Halla-aho has claimed that all terrorists in Europe are Muslims.
  • Halla-aho has said that children in developing countries are better off working in a shoe factory rather than doing nothing.
  • Halla-aho has claimed that African societies will always descend into anarchy without armed white rulers.
It seems like it is very easy to become a leading Nazi intellectual in Finland! Hopefully this highlights the generic lack of thinking on the far right instead of in Finland in general. Naturally all the actual "facts" in Halla-aho's propagandistic writings are proven to be wrong. He never responds to any counter-arguments, the only responses are him making some ad hominem arguments about his opponent or inciting his Hompanzee minions to terrorize and threaten his opponent online. He also claims that he has been misrepresented and that his quotes have been taken out of context every time a journalist asks him if he is serious about what he says in his writings. Sometimes he just denies he has written anything like that, his weirdest writings tend to disappear mysteriously from the internet.

Halla-aho also likes to present himself as a free speech advocate. This means that he himself has to be able to express racist opinions and incitement against minorities, but anybody who dares to critizise Halla-aho or his ideas usually gets threatened by the Hompanzees and sued by Halla-aho himself. The Hompanzee definition of free speech is that they can say anything while everybody else has to shut up.

It really seems like the thinking of Halla-aho is somehow a bit problematic. There are very strange leaps of faith that lead Halla-aho into the realm of insanity. He seems to think that Finland will become an apocalyptic multicultural immigrant hell like the United States of America, unless we completely abandon the system of Western liberalism and human rights and close the borders of our society. Therefore Halla-aho's ideal societies are the closed ones without immigration and human rights, like the Democratic People's Republic North Korea.

Halla-aho somehow wants to defend the Western civilization by destroying the liberal backbone of the Western civilization. Halla-aho doesn't care or understand that there would be no Western civilization remaining without liberal democracy and human rights. Never mind that the most successful and powerful examples of the Western civilization are the countries that are the most liberal, have the most immigration and the most open societies, Halla-aho just wants a closed totalitarian society.

Even with his university degree Halla-aho is strongly against science, since he is always ready to present propaganda as scientific truth. And his fanboys believe him. Somebody should sell them snake oil, they would make very good and loyal customers. It really seems like the whole Halla-ahoist movement is a fringe cult based on some very strange articles of faith, since it is just too easy to see their ideas are very weird and not based on reality at all. Halla-aho is actually trying to destroy the Western civilization.

But the farce gets even worse. For some reason many Finnish voters decided to vote for Halla-aho, when he was a candidate for the True Finns in the April 2011 parliamentary elections. He was the second most popular candidate in the Helsinki voting district, which indicates that there is something extremely badly rotten and smelly in the state of Finland.

Now Halla-aho is the leader of the hardcore Nazi faction within the parliamentary group of the otherwise "merely extremely xenophobic" True Finns party. Other known members of Suomen Sisu in the True Finns parliamentary group include Juho Eerola, James Hirvisaari and Olli Immonen. Juho Eerola has openly expressed his admiration of Benito Mussolini, James Hirvisaari is currently accused of incitement against minority groups and Olli Immonen wants to legalize incitement against minority groups. But racism in True Finns is not in any way limited to the Suomen Sisu members, it has always been the most important part of the party's ideology.

Even more disgusting is the fact that now Halla-aho is the chairman of the administrative council of the Finnish parliament. This makes him the leader of the committee supervising issues such as immigration. So today the Master of the Nazis is the one in charge of the immigration laws!

These are indeed dark days for Finland. The country will never be the same it was before the elections of April 2011, indeed it may now be spiralling to the deepest depths of fascism.

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Swagström zei

It's really sad that someone can really misunderstand someone this badly. You should really read trough what Halla-Aho writes about and clear your facts.

This is one of the worst blog writings about Halla-Aho I've ret.

Halla-Aho has never written nor said anything racist. He's only critical about the immigration policies in Finland. The media of Finland has given Halla-Aho a real bad name. I'm a really liberal person and I can't find anything racism about Halla-Aho. He even has black friends and hands out with them.

Hope you'll study more about the backgrounds of the people you write about. This was a pretty sad blog post. Really stupid.

Honest Citizen zei

Again is the OLD TROLL ENEMY of Halla-Aho writing total lies about him.

Too bad they cannot fix this troll´s medication or lock him up (again), he has harassed Halla-Aho and other honest citizens from the 1990´s.

Eriari zei

First I want to say that your post is utter garbage. Its full of fiction you've made up against the part and the people of Finland.
For an example lets take a look at this text you wrote:

''Suomen Sisu means something like the "Finnish Fighting Spirit" in English. The name aptly underlines both the nationalism and the violence of the Suomen Sisu ideology.''

Learn about the culture before writing sh*t about it.
Sisu is like power not to give up when doing a very hard task. Its like you're trying to get a tree stump out from the ground and you see that its getting dark and cold, but you get ''Sisu'' in you. You dont want to continue that irritating task tomorrow, you want to get it done, to get over it so you dont have to worry about it tomorrow, no matter how long to the night its gonna take, but you have to get it done before you're going to sleep.

So there is nothing nationalistic or violent about that. Learn the basics of this culture before writing sh*t about it, moron...

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